Science Week: PNSB students understands typhoon formation and how to prepare for a flood or typhoon disaster

Science Week: PNSB students understands typhoon formation and how to prepare for a flood or typhoon disaster 

Science Day Celebration is an activity that the students of the Philippine National School for the Blind are always looking forward to every year because it is an event full of exciting and interesting activities.

This year, the school celebrated Science Day with its theme: Science for the People: Innovation for Collective Prosperity with a focus in the community on the 21st of September 2018. It was a half-day activity that focused on typhoon and flood preparedness as well as weather forecasting.

For the typhoon drill, the students followed the route on the second floor. It is very important to establish a routine especially for blind students.

Students from elementary to senior high school gathered at the PNSB Conference Hall at 8:00 A.M. The activity started with an opening remark given by the high school Science coordinator, Ms. Andrei Roan Soriano. It was followed by a talk on the factors that affect typhoon formation and important preparedness tips before, during and after a storm discussed by Mrs. Rosalie C. Peῆero, the elementary Science coordinator. Students were encouraged to share their ideas and ask questions about the topic.

After the talk on typhoon formation, the coordinator of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), Mrs. Olivia Gutierrez, shared safety measures during floods and typhoons. The students were taught what to do and where to go if there is typhoon and flood. They practiced what to do and which way to go if ever the school is flooded.

The talk of Mrs. Gutierrez was immediately followed by another power point presentation on weather forecasting delivered by Ms. Andrei Roan Soriano. Before she gave the talk, she motivated the students by telling an interesting story about storms. The students enjoyed it because they were asked to make sounds related to typhoon, rain, thunder and lightning. Through her talk, the students gained knowledge on how weather is forecasted and what instruments are used in weather forecasting.

After the activities at the conference hall, the students gathered at the PNSB covered court for a challenging part of the event, the quiz bee. They were asked questions regarding the talks presented by their teachers. It was observed that the students enjoyed this part though most of them had quite a hard time choosing for the right answer for the questions asked.

Though the celebration of Science Day this year wasn’t loaded with a variety of activities unlike the previous years, it was indeed very informational and beneficial because the students gained important knowledge and skills that they can apply in real life situations.