PASAY CITY — May 27, to ensure the smooth opening of classes for this school year, PNSB converged with its partner stakeholders as it formally launched today the “nationwide Oplan Balik Eskwela” (OBE).

This endeavor aims to make the necessary school readiness drive for the forthcoming opening of classes on June 3. Moreover, it is a DedEd’s efforts to ensure that learners are properly enrolled and able to attend school on the first day of classes.

Meanwhile, OBE will address problems, queries, and other concerns commonly encountered by the public at the start of the school year.

OBE’s two-week preparation drive begins from May 27 to June 7. All throughout these weeks, installation of directional signages was put in place. These include directional signages for school dormitories, comfort rooms, wash area, classrooms, as well as health and safety signages.

Another work accomplished to make welcome everyone is the posting of tarpaulin of different DepEd instituted policies like the “No Smoking Policy”, No Noon Break”, “Accepts All Policy”, Child Protection Policy” was put on display in conspicuous places.

Classrooms, the heart of the schools were also prepared during the OBE.  Pertinent information for the learners’ convenience was put on display such as the posting of “Welcome Back to School” signage in every classroom, also the posting of schedules, and learners’  names were posted on each classroom door.

Furthermore, classrooms are equipped with sufficient chairs and books. Health kit and the provision of a reading corner were also put in place.

Finally, OBE ensured that teachers are all-ready to foster learnings to their students. School Head, Madam Salvador, and PSDS Dr. Rosalie Condes ensured that all teachers have the necessary tools for teaching; lessons plans, learner’s materials, and curriculum guide must be at the teacher’s desk at all times.