Mrs. Corazon B. Salvador
Special  School Principal I


The Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB) is a government-supported residential learning institution located in the heart of the City of Pasay exclusively established to cater the educational needs of students with visual impairments in the Philippines. It was founded as a separate component of the then Philippine School for the Deaf and the Blind in July 10, 1970 by virtue of Republic Act 3562 also known as “An Act to Promote the Education of the Blind in the Philippines”. It has been providing splendid educational services for students with visual impairment for more than forty years now. The success of PNSB in performing in educational goals could be perceived in the kinds of students it has been producing, and in all the awards it has achieved in the various competitions, local and international, through the years.

Through its existence, this  institution has been unceasingly carrying out its noblest duty inclusive development of persons with visual impairment enabling them to be the stronger individuals with their dignity respected and their contribution to society recognized; and the government sees them as viable partners in nation building. It also endeavours to make every visually impaired student to become fully independent in all aspects of living; thus making them as asset to the society and not liability in the end.

PSNB shall always exist towards its fullest improvement to give the best to its stakeholders especially to the learners. It shall always thrive to live its general goals of creating visually impaired Filipinos who have the competencies and values significant for the progressive future of the society where they belong and to the country at large.

PNSB at Glance