PROJECT REBIRTH Rekindling the Blind Learners’ Interest in Reading with the Heart

PNSB's flagship reading intervention program is Project REBIRTH. Reading was one of the key learning areas that was significantly impacted by the abrupt halt of face-to-face learning in SY2020-2021, when all schools shifted to remote learning owing to the pandemic. To close the learning gap, the school developed an enhanced version of Project REBIRTH—Hybrid Version, which defied the odds of the time by carefully planning on how to make the reading intervention doable and practicable even through distance learning. The strong collaboration of everyone, including internal and external stakeholders, was the silver lining for Team REBIRTH throughout their journey from project conception to completion.

The project was effective because it was able to raise the reading level of the learners/participants from frustration to instructive, and some learners even achieved the independent reading level. Project REBIRTH hopes to continue making EVERY CHILD A READER, and NO ONE SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND".

Project INSPIRE Intensifying Sustainable Partnership & Involvement for Responsive Education

Project INSPIRE is a school initiative that aims to promote partnership and collaboration among diverse stakeholders through the use of its 3Rs strategy for building, sustaining, reestablishing, and strengthening relationship with our partners. Our stakeholders are our great ally in providing access to a variety of learning support for our learners with visual impairment especially modules and learning materials that had to be produced in braille and large print to all learners from Kindergarten to Grade 12. These so-called Learner's Module were then sent to their home address anywhere in the country via courier service. With this undertaking for the past two-year pandemic time, PNSB was able to sustain the provision and the delivery of quality education among its learners. Through the faithful commitment of our dedicated partners. their right to quality and equitable education is not compromised or hampered even during difficult times. 

Project KAPIT Keeping Attendance and Participation through Innovative Techniques

Project KAPIT is an intervention program designed to pique learners' interest and active engagement in learning outside of the traditional face-to-face setting. Everyone, especially the teachers and the parents, found this extremely difficult. Many elements influence the learner's full engagement in remote learning, including budgetary limits, psychosocial factors, and environmental factors, whether the mode of learning is modular or online. Through extensive research and frequent communication from both the school, the learner and his/her family, Project KAPIT was able to identify the root cause of the problem and suggest a win-win solution. As a result, learners' attendance and involvement in distance learning has increased. 

One of the pillars for the success of this project is the collaboration demonstrated by school's internal and external stakeholders. The effects were tripled, making the initiative a best practice. KAPIT not only drew students back to their e-Classrooms to actively learn, more so, it brought teamwork and a sense of dedication among the staff and our partners.