Employees of PNSB celebrates Christmas with the unusual twist and anticipation of the soon to be crowned Mister and Miss PNSB. For two years now, aside from the customary gathering, feasting, playing games, watching performances, raffles and other surprises,

PNSB family look forward to its annual Mr. and Miss PNSB. The pageant is joined by the newly hired teaching and non-teaching personnel this school year.

Contestants were judged on how they carried themselves in glamour and beauty with their gowns or formal outfits and sports attire. Then they likewise showcase their talents and their wits were put to the test as they delivered their most ingenious answers on the Question and Answer portion of the pageant.

While PNSB teaching and non-teaching personnel enjoyed the time with its PNSB family; singing, dancing, fasting, playing games, and raffles surprises, thrill and excitement filled the crowd in anticipation of the crowning of the soon to be “queen and king” at the end of the day.

The celebration culminated with the distribution of Purefoods Ham to each and every PNSB employee to bring home to share with their loved ones.