The Career Guidance Day is celebrated annually for the Students of Junior and Senior High School to acquire information on discovering one’s strengths and developing awareness, the qualification standards for all types of career jobs, making informed decisions on a career choice, to develop awareness and appreciation of the available jobs/choices in the labor market and their needs, interests, aptitudes and inclinations.

On the 11th day of January 2018, Thursday, spearheaded by the Guidance Counselor and supported by the School Head, together with the Social Welfare Officer, JHS and SHS Teachers, and Students from Grades 9-12, “PNSB Career Guidance Day 2018” was held at PNSB Conference Hall, from 7:00 AM-5:00 PM. 

Invited guests came from different fields that were successful in their chosen careers. They shared and provided thoughtful insights on how to successfully land on a fulfilling career. Giving emphasis on the various work-related standards that a person must possess like good attitude, PWD rights awareness, experiences, expertise, as well as the pros and cons of each and every job was laid out in details for the students to weigh their future career paths Furthermore, students likewise gained insights on the available and the possible career opportunities that are suited for them.

Speaker, Ms. Hannah Mae Aldeza who came from the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry as Email Support Consultant, and who happened to be a former student of PNSB shared her experiences on how she thrived on her current occupation. Additionally, she shared to them the possibility of experiencing discrimination and anything of the like is likely to occur in a workplace. Nonetheless, she gave tips on how to overcome such a situation. She said that preparedness, adaptability, and open-mindedness are some of the keys. She also discussed the skills and abilities needed in a certain job like hers. At the end of her talk, students raised questions to gather additional inputs from her.

The next person to speak wsa Mrs. Leonora T. Sunit. She is the Vice-President of the Nationwide Organization of Visually Impaired Empowered Ladies. She presented the different opportunities and job trends for People with visual impairment and went on discussing on their respective rights.

The third Speaker was Mr. Roberto Dohello from Public Employment Service Office (PESO-Pasay). He tackled the available job opportunities for People with visual impairment. More so, he highlighted his talk on the demands of jobs available both in local and in the international market.

The last Speaker, Mr. Roden Zalameda, was the owner of Zlite Internet Café. Mr. Salameda is an Alumnus of this school. He discussed his expertise in managing his Internet Café Business and his experiences on how he strived to succeed in his field. He also discussed other opportunities for People with visual impairment and elaborated on its advantages and disadvantages. He greatly emphasized that good attitude plus hard work and effort is equated to success.

In a nutshell, Mrs. Gemma Soriano, SPET III, challenged the students by reiterating each Speaker’s talk. She capitalized on the essentials of having positive thinking and outlook in life on job opportunities for them. She admonished each student to etched into their hearts all that they have heard and learned from this “Career Guidance day 2018” once they leave.

To cap the day, a final word of wisdom was delivered by Mr. Rex Cautiverio, SPET 3, and SHS Department Head. He said, indeed, life is difficult, so be holistically ready and geared up for any challenges and obstacles that you may encounter in the near future.