Learners of PNSB from Kindergarten to Senior High School, reap the fruit of their hard work and sacrifices this school year as they received medals of recognition on Recognition Day.

The school awarded and recognized on stage with pride and honor learners who have consistently modeled exemplary character traits, demonstrated exceptional achievement in academics, and those who exhibited outstanding performance in various discipline areas such as in the performing arts, the sports, braille reading and writing, quiz bee, and IT competitions either conducted in school, or in the national, regional, and international level.

Mrs. Corazon B Salvador, Principal of Philippine National School for the Blind attributed the success of the learners as a result of collaborative efforts of everyone. First and foremost, the learner’s motivation and perseverance in pursuit of higher aspirations, the unwavering support of the parents by allowing full cooperation on the various school undertakings for the benefit of the learners of this institution. The teachers who patiently shape learners to become holistic individual in all aspects learning both in academe and in practical life skills. The school and the school personnel for continuously providing learning opportunities and experiences geared towards self-development. And finally, to the school stakeholders and partners who are steadfast in responding to the needs of the learners and school in order to provide the best services for the learners with visual impairment.

Indeed, the theme of this year’s Recognition Day: Success Beyond Disability; Determine Equals Opportunities is a witness and a living testimony that Disability is not a hindrance to success. Just couple it with DETERMINATION, and you will reap many OPPORTUNITIES that will help outweigh your disability. 

To cap the significant day with inspiring thoughts, Sir. Ronald M. Manguiat, a former student of PNSB and is now the English teacher in Junior High School, tell his story of determination, how he overcame the challenges that beset his studies, and successfully fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher all because of the support he received from his PNSB family.

Sir Manguiat assured the crowd of hopeful learners, parents, and teachers that PNSB’s support to its persevering and determined learners does not end on his graduation day but it lives on even until he finished college.  

just like Sir Ronald and many other alumni of this institution who have successfully finished college degree of their choice through the benevolence and commitment of the school that dream for a successful PNSBians.