PH — Pacific Vision International donated 32 licenses of Fusion software.

Fusion is assistive software that allows individuals with any level of visual impairment to access the computer.

The software combines two of the most power-packed software used by both blind and low vision computer users. The ZoomText, a screen magnification program and the JAWS (Job Access with Speech), a screen reading program. 

The computer users who are blind operate computer using screen reading software which literally announces everything that is on the computer screen as well as keyboard input.  

While, computer users who are partially seeing, use screen magnification software that allows them to customize screen display like enlarge the screen display, including the mouse pointer and the cursor, set color and brightness enhancements, and even opt for voice assistance for greater ease.

By blending these software together, you only need to install ones then you can choose to run either just the screen reader or the screen magnifier by themselves, or combine them as Fusion.