The entire PNSB family held a congratulatory welcome program for the cluster 5 newly appointed Public School District Supervisor (PSDS), Dr. Ma. Jessica S. Magayanes.  PNSB teaching, Non-Teaching,  PNSB learners, and GPTA officers met Dr. Magayanes in person to express their unwavering support to the new PSDS. And to further strengthen the ties, selected students and teachers gave Dr. Magayanes flowers.

Dr. Jessica Magayanes receiving flowers from a student

One by one, Mrs. Corazon B. Salvador, introduced to Dr. Magayanes, the hardworking employees of the school.  Mrs. Salvador expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the PSDS who have been an indispensable help to the school for the past years. She further attested that Dr. Magayanes has been an advocate of special education for the longest time. The principal extended her gratitude to Dr. Ladines, Schools Superintendent for providing cluster 5 with leaders capable of overseeing special education in the person of Dr. Condes and now Dr. Magayanes who both have big hearts for differently-abled learners.

In behalf of all the PNSB employees, PNSB Faculty Club President, Mrs. Gemma Soriano, expressed her warmest welcome to the new PSDS  Meanwhile John Emmanuel Endrinal, President of the Supreme Student/Pupil Government (SSPG) and CIC-PSALM President, Andrea Mie Accopiado, in behalf of the learners promised to give their wholehearted support to Dr. Magayanes’ undertakings for them. Andrea further expressed the trust she has for the new PSDS who is capable of overcoming challenges and obstacles that she might encounter as the PSDS of Cluster 5 and at the same time, the Officer-In-Charge of Philippine School for the Deaf.

More so, the GPTA, represented by their President likewise extended the parents’ commitment to support all the programs of the school and wished the PSDS all the best.

The highlight of the program was the song number rendered by the selected students wherein they boost up the PSDS’ spirit by flavoring their song with hearty commendations and encouragement for the PSDS.

Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, PSDS, Dr. Jessica  Magayanes commended the achievements of PNSB learners in academics as well as in extra-curricular activities like in sports and the performing arts. “These achievements were only possible because of the hardworking principal, employees,  and committed and supportive stakeholders of the institution,” she said proudly.

To cap the celebration, Dr. Rosalie Condes, who is now the Division focal person for Inclusive Education,  recounted how Dr. Magayanes had been her best ally, coach, and mentor while she was starting her role as PSDS of cluster 5 about 3 years ago. “Because of Dr. Magayanes, she said,  I have learned the duties and functions of PSDS”.She added, after all. Madam Magayanes, had been one of the foremost PSDSes of Pasay City.” Therefore, her expertise in this field is unparalleled.