Curriculum Offering

The Philippine National School for the Blind adapts the K-12 curriculum as mandated by the Department of Education. Modes of instruction modified to accommodate the special needs of our students with visual impairment, but it can be assured that their learnings are not compromised. Elective subjects such as Wellness Massage are provided to provide the students with life skills that are helpful given their special condition. 

Kindergarten  |  Elementary  |  Junior High School  |  Senior High School


The Kindergarten Special Program for Multi-Disabled Visually Impaired (MDVI) is a special program that caters to blind children that possess additional disabilities such as mental retardation, autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and learning disabilities.

The Alternative Learning System caters to blind individuals whose ages do not fall within the average school age bracket.but would like to finish elementary or secondary education, are offered a curriculum suited to their situations and needs.